Researchers at Leeds Metropolitan University have announced the early findings of a global research study into the value of corporate social responsibility to the events industry



“Over-complicated, under regulated, but on the money” are three characteristics of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the events and hospitality sector according the study, commissioned by Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the meeting and event industry’s largest community, with more than 23,000 members worldwide.

The findings, which will debut at IMEX America in Las Vegas in October, are only the first part of a landmark three-year global study into the impacts, trends and drivers of CSR in the meetings and hospitality industry.

“Some interesting outcomes emerge,” said James Musgrave of the UK Centre for Events Management at Leeds Metropolitan University. “With more than 300 codes of practice, businesses cannot be blamed for being confused. But there is a strong business case for companies to build CSR into their work. Responsibility makes business sense as well as meeting moral and ethical obligations.”

MPI’s Manager of Research Marj Atkinson added: “This session marks a completion of one critical phase of research which has effectively established the global playing field for CSR, the next phase will reveal where pioneers in CSR from government and industry intend to lead us in the near and future.”

The team from Leeds Met will manage a three year study into the importance and value of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the meeting and event industry. This study, the most comprehensive of its kind ever undertaken, intends to bring new insights into how the meeting and event industry can build a sustainable future through best practices.

Academic researchers from the University’s three leading centres including the UK Centre for Events Management, the International Centre for Responsible Tourism and the Centre for Hospitality will analyse global trends by interviewing top executives of major venues, organizations and suppliers, and event consumers worldwide.