Indian festival adds value to research

Colleagues from the UK Centre for Events Management recently welcomed Dr Mridula Dwivedi, Assistant Professor at IIMT (The Institute for International Management), Guragon, India.  The purpose of the visit was to discuss progress on a collaborative research project which is being undertaken with Professor Rhodri Thomas. 

The project is examining the contribution of the Surajkund Crafts Festival to regional tourism.  The festival started in 1987 and seems to have acted as a catalyst for tourism in an area that had not previously had a tradition of attracting visitors.  Rhodri Thomas commenting on her visit noted, that  'we are delighted to be working with Mridula on such a fascinating and high profile Indian festival. This kind of project fits with our university's mission very effectively'.

Research internship

Dimitri Vanel supportwed the research work of UKCEM as an intern from the University of Burgundy. Working alongside Professor Rhodri Thomas, he co-ordinated some new initiatives with the postgraduate research students and supporting a research project for the Institute of Travel and Tourism (ITT).  Commenting on his appointment, he noted that 'This is great experience for me. I have been given responsibility for some tasks and opportunities to develop my skills.  I have already been to an ITT Board meeting which was really interesting'.