Tony Benn

Students and staff were given the rare opportunity to take part in a discussion with the Rt Hon. Tony Benn, who recently visited the University.  The former Labour MP was invited by the UK Centre of Events Management, Events & Festivals Policy Research Unit, to talk about the dissemination of political events in the UK under the title 'Who Runs Britain - the markets or the voters?'  
Introduced by the Faculty Dean, Elspeth Jones, Tony Benn started the debate with a captivating and inspiring discussion on the nature of democracy and gave his perspective on the present financial crisis.  
The audience took part in the debate and raised opinions and topics on the nature of democracy and the issues and challenges around modern day politics.
One of the points that Tony Benn raised is the ever growing need to encourage confidence in young people to find a cause that they believe in and learn more about their society and the wider world.
Tony Benn commented, "I enjoyed this session enormously; it was an opportunity to learn about and to talk to an interesting group of people who have different views and issues. Events like these are an opportunity to encourage debate and discussion and create mutual respect between a wide mixture of people."