Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events contents list for Volume 2 Number 1:

Policy for sustainable and responsible festivals and events: institutionalisation of a new paradigm – a response
Dianne Dredge ;Michelle Whitford
Pages 1 – 13

Tourism as a determinant of long-run economic growth
Juan Gabriel Brida ;Wiston Adrián Risso
Pages 14 – 28

Differentiating outdoor recreation: evidence drawn from national surveys in Scotland
Nigel Curry ;Katrina Brown
Pages 29 – 50

Community perceptions of tourism in small island states: a conceptual framework
Robin Nunkoo ;Haywantee Ramkissoon
Pages 51 – 65

Case study

Leisure parks and destination redevelopment: the case of PortAventura, Catalonia
Salvador Anton Clavé
Pages 66 – 78

Contemporary policy debates

Policies for work–leisure relationships
Stan Parker
Pages 79 – 81

Can employment policies improve a society's leisure?
Ken Roberts
Pages 82 – 87

Book reviews

Tourism development: growth, myths and inequalities
Carson L. Jenkins
Pages 88 – 89

Responsible tourism: critical issues for conservation and development
Rosaleen Duffy
Pages 90 – 91

The ethics of mobilities
Huw Thomas
Pages 91 – 92

Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events contents list for Volume 1 Number 3:

The volunteer legacy of a major sport event
Alison Doherty
Pages 185 – 207

Revitalization and counter-revitalization: tourism, heritage, and the Lantern Festival as catalysts for regeneration in H?i An, Vi?t Nam
Michael A. Di Giovine
Pages 208 – 230

Spreading the positive effects of major events to peripheral areas
Andrew Smith
Pages 231 – 246

Case study

The socio-economic impact of an urban park: the case of Wilderness National Park
Melville Saayman; Petrus Van der Merwe; Andrea Saayman; Maria Elizabeth Mouton
Pages 247 – 264

Contemporary policy debates

Volunteering, citizenship and social capital: a review of UK government policy
Kirsten Holmes
Pages 265 – 269

Inequality and positional consumption: a fresh insight into debates in leisure studies on time pressures on leisure and volunteering, choosing a work/life balance and the nature of a ‘leisure’ society
Geoff Nichols
Pages 270 – 275

What policy means for sports clubs ‘on the ground’
Andrew Adams
Pages 276 – 280

Book reviews

Book reviews
Philip Goulding; Eleni Theodoraki; Huw Thomas
Pages 281 – 285

Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and EventsThe Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events was founded by members of the UK Centre for Events Management (UKCEM) as a means of providing a critical focus on a variety of policy debates relating to the tourism, leisure and events sectors. Such policy debates encompass economic, social, cultural, political and environmental perspectives. The journal welcomes research on questions of policy formation and change, planning, strategy, policy instruments and implementation, and evaluation and impact assessment. Inter- and multi-disciplinary submissions are particularly welcome.


The journal is international in orientation, and seeks high quality theoretical and empirical papers that advance knowledge in this field. Papers examining the value of contrasting methodologies, or advocacy of novel methods, will also be welcome.

Indicative themes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The politics of tourism, leisure and events policy
  • Leisure policy and social change
  • Strategies for sustainability
  • Social, economic and environmental impacts of festivals and events
  • National, regional and local tourism and events strategies
  • Tourism and leisure planning theory
  • Cultural policy
  • Leisure, participation and community
  • Sports policy
  • Policy analysis and evaluation

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Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events contents list for Volume 1 Number 2:

Representing Mexicans: tourism, immigration and the myth of the nation
Anna E. Papanicolaou
Pages 105 – 114

Inter-organizational collaboration characteristics and outcomes: a case study of the Jeddah Festival

Samer Yaghmour; Noel Scott
Pages 115 – 130

Themed articles

Opportunity costs and efficiency of investments in mega sport events

Holger Preuss
Pages 131 – 140

Organisational communication on the impacts of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Eleni Theodoraki
Pages 141 – 155

Progressing socio-cultural impact evaluation for festivals

Martin Robertson; Phil Rogers; Anna Leask
Pages 156 – 169

Contemporary policy debates

A missed opportunity waiting to happen? The social legacy potential of the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Mike Weed; Suzanne Dowse
Pages 170 – 174

What policy-makers want from research; what researchers want to tell them

Jon P. Best
Pages 175 – 178

Book reviews

Book reviews

Donna Chambers; Scarlett Cornelissen; Ben Walmsley
Pages 179 – 183