Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events contents list for Volume 1 Number 2:

Representing Mexicans: tourism, immigration and the myth of the nation
Anna E. Papanicolaou
Pages 105 – 114

Inter-organizational collaboration characteristics and outcomes: a case study of the Jeddah Festival

Samer Yaghmour; Noel Scott
Pages 115 – 130

Themed articles

Opportunity costs and efficiency of investments in mega sport events

Holger Preuss
Pages 131 – 140

Organisational communication on the impacts of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Eleni Theodoraki
Pages 141 – 155

Progressing socio-cultural impact evaluation for festivals

Martin Robertson; Phil Rogers; Anna Leask
Pages 156 – 169

Contemporary policy debates

A missed opportunity waiting to happen? The social legacy potential of the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Mike Weed; Suzanne Dowse
Pages 170 – 174

What policy-makers want from research; what researchers want to tell them

Jon P. Best
Pages 175 – 178

Book reviews

Book reviews

Donna Chambers; Scarlett Cornelissen; Ben Walmsley
Pages 179 – 183