Internationally renowned artistic director Nigel Jamieson, known for his impressive ceremonies at the Sydney Olympics and Liverpool 08, recently gave his only UK lecture at UKCEM, Leeds Metropolitan University.

Nigel Jamieson's lecture, Taking Heart, an exploration of a sense of place in the creation of large scale public events, covered the full range of his work - from the large scale spectacle of Olympic ceremonies to the intimacy of community engagement.

Nigel's lecture at the Old School Board, addressed a number of important questions, including - As the white glare of the Olympic spotlight focuses on Britain, is there a chance that the accompanying huge investment in public performance might be used in new ways?
He also considered how to make live performance part of the fabric of our communities, animating buildings and landscapes, and to re-imagine our public spaces, allowing the intimate and personal to sit alongside the epic and spectacular.

Hosted by the UK Centre for Events Management in collaboration with Circelation, the event was attended by a number of organisations, including the Arts Council of England, Yorkshire Forward, and representatives of London 2012 Olympics, along with students and staff from the University.

Professor Rhodri Thomas, ITT Chair of Tourism & Events Policy commented, "UKCEM were extremely proud to be able to host this lecture from Nigel Jamieson. His lecture has attracted huge interest from across the UK and was an inspiring and thought provoking evening."

Nigel Jamieson is acclaimed for creating some of the most compelling and eloquent physically expressive theatre of the last 10-15 years.

He has created numerous productions in public spaces and on buildings and was the artistic director on ceremonies with the Sydney Olympics, Melbourne & Manchester Commonwealth Games and Liverpool 08.

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