The following Masterclasses were undertaken by Paul Gudgin, formerly Director of the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, while he was a Visiting Professor of the Centre:

South Korea (May 2007)


Seoul Performing Arts Festival                                            
Musical Theatre Festival, Taegu                                          
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

Moscow (June 2008)

Golden Mask Festival                                                           
Russian Regional Festival Organisers                                
Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography              
New Drama Festival and Praktika Theatre

Australia (July and October 2007)

Tourism Queensland,                                                            
University of Technology, Sydney                                       
Australian Centre for Events Management, Melbourne


Taiwan (November 2007)


Wei-Wu-In Culture & Art Center, Taipei                              
Taipei Artist Village, Taipei Council for Culture Affairs, Kaoshung


Ireland (November 2008)

Association of Irish Festivals and Events, Ballinsloe


Finland (February 2008)

Svenska Kulturfonden, Theatre Academy Helsinki

The Netherlands (2008 and 2009)

Amsterdam Fringe                                                                  
Festival and Events Management Masterclass, Amsterdam Training Event          
Festival and Events Management Masterclass, Rotterdam Training Event

Canada (2008)

Festival and Events Management Masterclass, Vancouver Training Event

Denmark (2008)


Roskilde Universitet


UAE (2008)


Abu Dhabi Tourism Development Co (TDIC)

Forthcoming Engagements


Philadelphia June 2009
Manitoba June 2009
Calgary June 2009
Toronto June 2009
Seoul July 2009
Hong Kong July 2009
Brisbane July 2009
Sydney July 2009