This study was concerned with examining the economic and community impacts of events and festivals that have been organised by rural communities in Wales. Its insights are novel and distinctive, reflecting the unique nature of the LEADER+ programmes from which it sprang. The report provides a valuable evidencebase for those working on the regeneration of rural economies, notably those in Wales.

Community events and festivals can play a vital role in building community cohesion and contribute to economic prosperity. The four LEADER+ partners involved in this collaboration have come together to offer a flexible and responsive support system to existing and new communitybased events in rural Wales. The partners are Adventa, Cadwyn Clwyd, Northern Marches Cymru, and PLANED, with the latter acting as lead partner.

The research was undertaken by Leeds Metropolitan University between April 2005 and March 2006. It involved interviewing 75 events organisers, and then undertaking six detailed case studies. Those seeking more details are advised to consult the full report. The research team note with gratitude the help provided by the various community event organisers.

A summary of the findings is available online here (also available in Welsh here).

Reference: Thomas, R., Wood, E., Bowdin, G., Robinson, L. (2006). The Contribution of Community Festivals and Events to the Local Areas and the Welsh Economy. Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan University.